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The first Klanggalerie vinyl in ages in now in stock and ready to ship. Caroline K's "Now wait for last year" has been carefully reproduced from its original LP edition. A co-release with Blackest Ever Black. Remastered, and a straight replica of the 1987 edition on Earthy Delights. The Residents' "Daydream B-Liver" re-issue is also in stock, looking and sounding glorious. We are also happy to announce that part 2 of our Snakefinger re-issue programme will be available in autumn. "Greener Postures" will come remastered and with a lot of bonus tracks. Next up will be the brand new Rapoon album "Waiting by the River" and the last CD in the Renaldo & The Loaf re-issue series. Entitled "Breadcrumbs", it collects all the tracks off Struve & Sneff 1984 plus some other music that hasn't made it onto the other CDs. Summer will be full of action, too. We're not slowing down.


The new edition of The Residents' "Daydream B-Liver" is in stock and ships immediately. It features a new front cover by Pore No Graphics and includes the "Special Almost Dance Mix" of "Hit the Road Jack" as a bonus track. This version has never previously been available on CD. Next up is the brand new album by Rapoon, "Waiting by the River", taking this cult project into a new musical direction. Also ready to ship around May 10th will be the vinyl re-issue of Caroline K's "Now Wait For Last Year" LP, a co-production with Blackest Ever Black. We won't slow down during the summer months, some very exciting releases coming up in June, for example the final installment of our Renaldo & The Loaf re-issues series, "Breadcrumbs", a collection of all music that has not been reissued on the other CDs. Some Klanggalerie bands will be present at Wroclaw Industrial Festival im November. More info on that soon.


We are ready to take pre-orders for Snakefinger's "Chewing Hides The Sound" album! Release date is April 11 2016. The album has been remastered and features three bonus track from the single releases around that time. Then, we have just found some boxes with stuff that has partially been out of print for a while! Eric Random's "Time-Splice" and Korpses Katatonik's "Oeuvres Completes" are amongst them. Stock is very small, so this really is your last chance to grab a copy of these CDs. They are listed in the "available" section of the catalogue page, but a lot more items are sold on our discogs page. Seller=klanggalerie. Out in May will be The Residents' "Daydream B-Liver" CD and the compilation album "From Vienna With Love".