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We are back from our holiday and straight into the production of two new releases: you can now order the brand new Graf & Zyx CD "Programmmusik 2" - a collection of mostly unreleased music from the archives of the group. All music was recorded in the 1980s around the time of "Trust No Woman", some songs go back to the late 70s. At the same time, we offer you a re-issue of Tabor Radosti's first album "Joycamp". An impossible to find gem from the Czech Republic, this electronic/occult work deserves to be known in the West. Check them out and listen to sound samples! In August we will follow up this double package with The Box's "Muscle Out" album - extended to double its original length! Produced by none the less than His Kirkness himself! We hope to see you in September at Tower Transmissions festival in Dresden where Walter will be playing a DJ set and the Klangers will have a march table available. Next gigs are by Institution D.O.L. in Nuremberg in October and The Residents in Katowice/Poland, Paris/France and South America. Enjoy the summer but don't be lazy all the time - spin some discs, too!


We will be on a short holiday from June 24 to July 5th. Please excuse delays in getting back to you. Orders placed during this period will be shipped after our return. Expect two new releases in July: the Graf & Zyx and Tabor Radosti releases will be next. More details to follow.


The brand new and expanded re-issue of The Residents' Snakey Wake is shipping from June 16th! Order your copies now..... this new version is more than twice as long as the first UWEB issue and includes the previously download-only live version of the music for Snakefinger's funeral party. Our next release will be the debut album by Czech occult electro group Tabor Radosti, including extra tracks and new artwork. If you're not familiar with Tabor Radosti yet, listen to our sound samples. They are a fantastic band that need to be known a lot more outside of Eastern Europe! The band will play Wroclaw Industrial Festival this year, a great opportunity to catch them at one of their spectacular live shows. Also out this summer will be Muscle Out by Sheffield legend The Box and, after a long wait, the second CD collection of the grand electro pop tunes by Graf & Zyx - most of this material has never been released before! Please note also that we have added some older items to the available page of our catalogue - a warehouse find has provided us some copies of Cadaverous Condition, The New Blockaders/Gosplan Trio, NTL, Modell Doo and more. This might be the very last chance to grab copies of those titles. Enjoy the summer and we will back soon with further news.