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We are ready to take pre-orders for Snakefinger's "Chewing Hides The Sound" album! Release date is April 11 2016. The album has been remastered and features three bonus track from the single releases around that time. Then, we have just found some boxes with stuff that has partially been out of print for a while! Eric Random's "Time-Splice" and Korpses Katatonik's "Oeuvres Completes" are amongst them. Stock is very small, so this really is your last chance to grab a copy of these CDs. They are listed in the "available" section of the catalogue page, but a lot more items are sold on our discogs page. Seller=klanggalerie. Out in May will be The Residents' "Daydream B-Liver" CD and the compilation album "From Vienna With Love".


Finally, the brand new Eric Random album "Words Made Flesh" in stock. 12 all-new compositions including a collaboration with Stephen Mallinder of Wrangler and formerly Cabaret Voltaire. We are currently putting the finishing touches to the artwork for "From Vienna With Love"; a compilation album that celebrates the art of compilations, and an homage to Belgian label Les Disques du Crepuscule. Next up in the release schedule are Snakefinger's "Chewing Hides The Sound", The Residents' "Daydream B-Liver" and "Vienna". We are also preparing the new collaborative effort of Peter Hope and David Harrow, a previously unreleased private cassette tape by Maurizio Bianchi aka MB, and the vinyl re-issue of Caroline K's "Now Wait For Last Year" album (in co-production with Blackest Ever Black). Stock on the Paul Roland CD is very low with two copies remaining as of today, also the Chakk album "Clocks & Babies" is down to its last few copies. Catch Section 25 on their UK tour, The Residents in Australia and USA, Tabor Radosti in Vienna in April, and Naevus on a few select shows.


The long delayed "Les Ambulants" CD re-issue by French avant-garde group DDAA is finally out. It contains bonus music from the "Lernen 5" cassette. More details can be found in the catalogue section of our website. Next out is Eric Random's new album "Words Made Flesh". We expect to have copies in stock later this week. Stock on Chakk and Paul Roland is very low, order quickly to avoid disappointment. The Residents embark on a US tour very soon, with a stop in Australia before. Catch them live - the Shadowland show is excellent. Scattered Order are currently playing some shows in Australia to present the new album. We are very happy to announce the re-release of Snakefinger's "Chewing Hides The Sound" album in April. It contains bonus tracks from all the singles around the time of the album and was brilliantly remasterd by Christian Loebenstein. Finally, Z'ev has been victim of a train accident and is in intensive care. Please donate to help him pay for his recovery. You can contribute here: https://www.gofundme.com/kqu6bed4.