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Some good news and some very sad news today..... The good news first: October 25th will be the release date for the Zahgurim - Moral Rearmament re-issue. This special expanded edition celebrates the 25th anniversary of the recording of the album which was finished exactly a quarter of a century ago that very day. A classic by a TOPY-affiliated band that finally sees the light of day again. And on top of that, the band are recording a new album which we hope to release some time next year. The very sad news today is that Austrian journalist and radio presenter Gerhard Pretting has died totally unexpectedly at the age of 46 years a couple days ago. He was one of the very few in Vienna who was interested in this kind of music 20 years ago.... I fondly remember a radio special on Austrian State Radio about field recordings, for which he interviewed Etant Donnes and The Hafter Trio, or a special about Nazi Chic in Industrial Music for which I was his guest in the studio. Gerhard will leave a gap in our small community that will not be filled.


The Naevus "Appetite + Application" live album is now in stock. All pre-ordered copies have been shipped. Collapsing New People's "Crash Test Junkie" is now out of print. Stock of The Box @ Doublevision CD is getting very low! Next out is the 30th Anniversary edition of the Zahgurim album "Moral Rearmament". Two more CDs to follow in 2014. Plans for 2015 include a further re-issue of Australia's pioneers Scattered Order, the 5th installment of the Renaldo & The Loaf re-issue series, our first vinyl LP in a long time, and lots more. Mushroom's Patience have started work on the follow-up to "Jellyfish". Two shows played by Anti-Music group The New Blockaders in Germany have been recorded and will be issued on one CD early next year. With Christmas coming closer, don't forget: only a Klanggalerie release is a good present! Ta!


After 28 years, the brand new album by Manchester electro legend Eric Random is now finally out! It takes him back to his roots, less world music, more electro. Get your copy before they disappear. 4 more CDs are planned until the end of November - a live album by Naevus, the fourth step in the Renaldo & The Loaf re-issue series, the comeback album by Fetisch Park and the 30th anniversary edition of the brilliant only album by Zahgurim. Watch this space for further news. Klanggalerie has had a brilliant time at Tower Transmissions, Dresden, with two albums coming out next year that were agreed on during the festival! Thanks, Eric and Ina. Our next merch stall will be held at the Wroclaw Industrial Festival in early November - hope to see you there! Stock of The Box @ Doublevision is getting lower by the minute, so don't hesitate in case you want to secure a copy. Stock of the brilliant Collapsing New People CD and the "Strange Side" of Mushroom's Patience CD-R is down to only copy each! Don't say later you haven't been warned. Enjoy autumn! May it be better than this summer.