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Please note that the Klanggalerie office is closed from May 25 to June 18. All orders placed until May 23 will be shipped before the holidays. When placing orders during our vacation, please be aware that all items will be shipped after June 18.The latest TOOK release, Clank Clank Clank by Bobuck, is out and nearly sold out. Enjoy the early summer.


Available now is the new album by Northern English pioneer Rapoon. In contrast to Waiting By The River, Un Flic is a very Krautrock-influenced album that involves live drums and singing. Coming next week is Clank Clank Clank by Bobuck, former composer for The Residents. This collection of 9 demos for a 40th anniversary reworking of Meet The Residents is now available for pre-order. It is the first time Klanggalerie are releasing a Minimax CD. Limited to 300 copies only and already flying out the doors. From May 25th to June 17th the Klanggalerie office will be closed. After the holidays, we will be back with Ghost Machine, a phenomenal album by the legendary Chrome. This will be followed by John Avery's (Hula) soundtrack album Nighthawks. Please place all your orders until May 23rd if you want them shipped before the spring break.


A short intermistic news section: the new album by Institution DOL, Caeremonia Inferna Vindobonae, is out. LImited to only 200 numbered copies you need to act fast if you want to secure a copy. Also out now is Dot Com, a Residents collection featuring 5 previously unavailable tracks. Rapoon's Un Flic and Bobuck's Clank Clank Clank are expected within the next 10 days. Watch out this space for further news. The following items are no longer available: Charles Bobuck - Missing Soldiers, Institution DOL - Exzess, Strafe für Rebellion - Sulphur Spring, Konstruktivists - Persona Non Grata, Mushroom's Patience - Jellyfish, Sprung aus den Wolken - Story of Electricity, Renaldo & The Loaf - Breadcrumbs, Black Manna - Radio Manna, Nocturnal Emissions - The Pump, Westblock - Die Westblock Cede, R.B. Russell - Ghosts. All of these went out of print fairly recently.