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We're excited to announce the re-issue of The Residents featuring Snakefinger - Live in the USA double CD! A milestone in the band's career, and a very scarce item that was originally released by UWEB in a limited edition of 500 copies only. Remastered and repackaged. The second item coming out soon is the comeback album by Power Electronics act Institution D.O.L.. 75 minutes of harsh sounds by this Austro-Czech project. IDOL will be playing live in Vienna on March 7th and in Prague on April 18th. Two items have been deleted from the catalogue: The Box @ Doublevision and Korpses Katatonik are both sold out. Coming soon are new CDs by DDAA, Renaldo & The Loaf, Scattered Order, Graf & Zyx and a whole lot more. Roma Amor and Mushroom's Patience will both be playing at the 2015 of Wave Gothic Meeting in Leipzig.


We are now shipping copies of the new CD by The New Blockaders, "Nonchalant Acts of Artistic Nihilism". It's a recording of the last ever live performances by this legendary Noise group, recorded in Berlin and Dresden. Coming soon will be the comeback album by Austrian Power Electronics project Institution D.O.L. and the fifth step in the Renaldo & The Loaf re-issue series, Arabic Yodelling. Also out this spring will be "From Sci Fi to Barfly", the outstanding new album by British legend Thomas Leer. Planned for later in the year are the CD release of the first ever Chakk album (formerly only available in a microscopic cassette edition), step 2 in the Graf & Zyx series entitled Programmmusik 2, and another Scattered Order re-issue. Plus a lot more! The next live shows we will be involved with are: InstitutioN D.O.L. live in Vienna on March 7th, and in Prague April 18th. Paul Roland in Vienna on May 16th. Tabor Radosti are playing in Bratislava on March 20th. Next update soon with a big surprise, keep an eye on this space.


A Happy New Year to you all! We hope you had a good festive season and that 2015 started well. The year is young, but we are already offering our first release for 2015: Caroline K's album "Now wait for last year" will be available on CD again from January 15th. This edition comes in a digipack, has remastered sound and we added another bonus track. Plans for the new year include: the continuation of our Renaldo & The Loaf re-issue programme, a new album by The New Blockaders, a new Eric Random CD and the re-issue of Ishmael, the comeback album by Power Electronics project Institution D.O.L. and many more. We have also signed another favourite band of ours: Tabor Radosti from Czech Republic. Their self-titled debut album will be re-issued on Klanggalerie in spring. So, quite a lot of plans already.