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We have just sent the masters for Thomas Leer's 1979 album to the pressing plant. This collection presents Leer's earlies experiments with electronic music. We have mastered the songs that were originally a download only release, and added a previously unheard bonus track. Eggs for Breakfast will be a collection of Charles Bobuck's Tiny Tunes. 26 pieces altogether, and packaged in a colourful digipack sleeve. Candy for your ears and eyes. But planning goes ahead: we are currently adpating the Manual of Errors artwork for the 3rd installment of our Snakefinger CD re-issue series. Also, Un Flic, the brand new album by Rapoon is being prepared for a March release. It couldn't be more different to Waiting by the River, so you see, we love to keep you surprised. The January releases are both available from our web store: Eric Random & The Bedlamites' final album Ishmael, and French avnatgarde lagend Un Drame Muscial Instantane's second LP Rideau!. March will find us in Athens for the 2nd Etor Tenebrae de Profundis festival. We won't have a stall there, but many of our friends are playing, so please come and say hello should you be there as well.


A Happy New Year to us all. Let us hope 2017 will be more peaceful and won't take away so many talented musicians like last year did. We are starting 17 with two re-issues: first, Eric Random & The Bedlamites' last album "Ishmael" is going to be available on CD for the first time. Then, the second album by French avantgarde legend Un Drame Musical Instantane, Rideau! is their first record to see the light of day in digital format. We are very happy with these two items, as both have been delayed for a while - good to see them finally appear in phsycial form. The new year will bring many new releaeses by Bobuck, The Residents, Snakefinger, Rapoon, Institution DOL, Thomas Leer etc. Here's a toast to 2017. Let's make it a good year together.


The year comes to an end and we have shipped all pre-ordered copies of Missing Soldiers and Disfigured Night. Please expect delays as the mail before Christmas is always extra slow. Because of the recent problems with Royal Mail in the UK, we will ship all UK orders in a more expensive way from 2017 - but don't worry, we won't charge you, we will pay that extra cost ourselves. The first new release in the new year will be Ishamel by Eric Random & The Bedlamites, which ends the Bedlamites' re-issue series on Klang. The second new CD will be Rideau! by Un Drame Musical Instantane, a avantgarde impro classic that is long overdue to see the light of day again. Finally, a low stock warning: Missing Soldiers, the third TOOK release, is close to being sold out soon. I don't think it will last into the new year, so get your copy now to avoid disappointment. Also, Breadcrumbs by Renaldo & The Loaf will possibly not get a repress, as it was always meant as a collectors' item to complete the reissue series and offer the tracks that didn't find a home on any other of the deluxe re-issues. So, have a lovely Christmas and a good start into the New Year. Our office will be open all the way through, so enjoy browsing our catalogue.