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Hope you're all enyjoing the summer. (Unless you're on the other side of the world). We're not having a break here at Klanggalerie. Next out is Peter Hope & David Harrow's "Blue Electric" album. It's their first ever full length album together, over 30 years after their collaboration as Sufferhead. After this, we will have the first two releases of our new sublabel called "TOOK". TOOK is a label created by us with Hardy Fox to present limited edition releases by ex Residents composer Charles Bobuck. The first two items will be a soundtrack album to the iBook "Swords of Slidell", and a CD single entitled "Later tonight", a cover version of a song by Pet Shop Boys. Both will be limited to 300 copies only and can only be ordered through the Klanggalerie web shop. After this, there will be a regular new Bobuck album, "Bobuck plays the Residents". Also scheduled for late summer/early autumn are the fantastic "Rideau" album by Un Drame Musical Instantane, and the re-issue of an old cassette by Maurizio Bianchi.


We are back from Yorkshire...... had a great holiday, meeting many musician friends, too. Thanks go out to Eric Random, Ron Wright, Robin Storey, R.B. Russell, Martin Moscrop, Jake Harris and Andrew Liles. The last issue of our Renaldo & The Loaf re-issue programme has been finished, and we present you Breadcrumbs. The compilation CD that has all the missing tracks from the other deluxe re-issues on it. Next week, Rapoon's brand new album Waiting By The River is out. It takes Robin Storey's project in a new direction - more song orientated, less ambient. Be prepared for a surprise! Yesterday night we sent master and artwork to our pressing plant for the all-new Peter Hope & David Harrow album Blue Electric. A killer release that should appeal to all fans of the Cabs, Hula or Chakk. In a few days we will finalize all the graphics for the new MB (Maurizio Bianchi) album and the re-issue of the fantastic Rideau! album by Un Drame Musical Instantane. Watch this space for further news.


The Klanggalerie office will be closed from June 4 - June 19 2016. We will be on holiday in Yorkshire. If you want to meet us there, drop us a line and maybe we can arrange something. In other news, when we return we will have two new CDs available: Rapoon's "Waiting by the River" and Renaldo & The Loaf's "Braedcrumbs". More info on those soon. Many exciting projects in the works for autumn! Watch this space for further announcements. Enjoy the sun, where you can get it. PS: The Caroline K vinyl re-issue is sold out at the Klanggalerie store. If you want to get copies, please order from Blackest Ever Black.