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Time to announce some dates: Section 25 are playing "A Factory Night" in Manchester on 19 April and Blackpool on 24 May. Naevus will play live in Trondheim, Norway, on 26 April and in Odessa, Ukraine, on 27 April (both solo). Then a full band show at Battle of the Boyne in Ireland on 12 July. Job Karma will present their new album live in Vienna on 11 May 2014 at Rhiz club and then in June at the Wave Gothic Meeting in Leipzig, Germany. Stephen Mallinder (Cabaret Voltaire/Kula), Ron Wright (Hula/Kula) and Charlie Collins (The Box) will all take part in the No Lectures from Western Works event in Sheffield, UK, on 16 May. Mushroom's Patience will play a double headlining set with The Burning Hell at Rhiz, Vienna, on 16 June 2014. Roma Amor will play Paris on 17 April, Vienna on 5 July and Wroclaw on 7-8 November. Oppenheimer MkII will perform at WGT in June and at Young & Cold Festival, Augsburg, Germany in mid September. Konstruktivists will play at Wave Gothic Meeting in June, and in Vienna some time in September, date to be announced. Thorofon appear at Tower Transmissions, Dresden, at the end of September. Eric Random will play at Wroclaw Industrial Festival, Poland, 6-9 November 2014. Walter will be DJing at Tower Transmissions IV in Dresden on 27/28 September. From today, "Persona Non Grata" by Konstruktivists is in stock. All pre-ordered copies will be shipped tomorrow. The Klanggalerie office will be closed from April 11 to April 21 2014. Get in touch if you are in Barcelona at that time. We will also be present at the Semana Santa in Calanda (thanks, Vagina Dentata Organ).


We have started taking pre-orders for Persona Non Grata, the newest re-issue in the Konstruktivists programme. This album, originally released in the 1990s, is the only one that features the classic line-up of Glenn Wallis and Mark Crumby! Shipping day for all pre-ordered copies will be April 10th 2014. After that, we will have a 10 day holiday break, the office opens again on April 22nd. Coming soon after that will be the new album by Polish Industrial/Avantgarde pioneers Job Karma and the Stephen Mallinder/Ron Wright collaboration Tenement Noise under the name of Kula. Later in the year expect releases by The Box feat. Peter Hope, the comeback of Düsseldorf Avantgarde meisters Strafe Für Rebellion, the next step in the Renaldo & The Loaf re-issue series and much more. We will also be present at Wroclaw Industrial Festival again, as well as Tower Transmissions where Walter will be DJ-ing, too. Maybe also see you in Sheffield for the Western Works tribute event, and in Augsburg at Young & Cold Festival. Time will tell.


We apologize for a slight delay with shipping the Roma Amor and Mushroom's Patience CDs. The pressing plant has informed us wrongly about the delivery dates. However, we expect the CDs this week and as soon as they are here we will make sure all your parcels are being posted immediately. Once again, sorry about this unexpected delay of about a week. On a more positive note, we will be present at several festivals this year: expext to see us at Wrocalw Industrial Festival, Runes + Men, Young & Cold and Tower Transmissions. More exciting projects to be announced soon - 2014 will be our busiest year so far!