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We are happy to announce the imminent release of Scattered Order's excellent album "A Dancing Foot and a Praying Knee STILL don't belong on the same Leg". First time ever this album is being released on CD. We will follow this up with the next release by America's greatest avantgarde group ever, The Residents: Strange Culture/Rivers of Hades/Haeckel's Tale is a double CD with two soundtracks and one music for a gallery opening. None has been available on CD before. January will see the re-issue of Paul Roland's maybe greatest album ever, House of Dark Shadows and the long delayed CD re-issue of Chakk's first ever album Clocks and babies, originally a cassette in a microscopic edition. Then there will be The Elbow is Taboo by Renaldo & The Loaf.... you see, winter will be full of highlights this year. This Thursday Klanggalerie will travel to Poland again for the Wroclaw Industrial Festival. As usual, we will have a merch table there. We are happy to see our bands Mushroom's Patience and Tabor Radosti perform there. Come and say hello if you are attending! The Residents will embark on a tour of Europe in February. Check gig listings on the official webpage.


We are back from France. The Residents show at Forum des Images was amazing. Hope to see Shadowland again some time early next year. Thanks to Hein Fokker and The Cryptic Corporation for all they did for us. As of today, we are accepting pre-orders for the new album by Charles Bobuck "What was left of Grandpa". Grab it while you can. Stock on The Box "Muscle Out" is getting low very fast. Only one box remaining at the Klanggalerie office. Struve & Sneff by Renaldo and the Loaf is doing well, too. The second edition is quite significantly different to the first one. Just so you know, completists. Klanggalerie will be present at the 5th edition of Tower Transmissions in Dresden on September 25/26th. Walter will also be DJing in the chill out room. As always, we will also have a sales table at WIF in Poland, more info on that soon.


The Box "Muscle Out" CD is in stock and ready to ship. Renaldo & The Loaf's second edition of "Struve & Sneff" is expected September 4th and can be pre-ordered now. The Klanggalerie office will be closed from September 6th to September 20th. We will be present at the Residents' Shadowland Show in Paris. Get in touch if you want to meet up. After our return, we will be releasing the new Charles Bobuck album "What was left of Grandpa" and work on the first vinyls in a loooooooong time will be started. Apart from this, we have started to collect material for a compilation entitled "From Vienna with Love". It will be an homage to the legendary "From Brussels with Love" sampler from Les Disques du Crepuscule and will feature lots and lots of great artists with lots and lots of great music. The next live show we will be promoting in Vienna will be Rapoon on November 21st. Hope to see some of you there.