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We are saddened and deeply shocked to hear that musician and friend Albin Julius of Der Blutharsch and the infinite Church of the Leading Hand has passed away yesterday. Rest in peace, Albin.


May 1st is the release date for the first duo collaboration by vocalist Christian Reiner and guitar player Martin Siewert. Siewert surrounds Reiner's texts with sound, with the result being something very unique, sometimes poetic, sometimes harsh and noisy. More info in the catalogue. Still fresh is the first ever CD re-issue of the legendary Subterranean Modern compilation, including Chrome, MX 80 Sound, The Residents and Tuxedomoon. Stock on In these ancient Times by Rapoon is very low with less than a handful of copies remaining. On May 12th, we will be involved in promoting a special concert by Rhys Chatham and David Fenech, hopefully recording the basis of a new album. On the same evening, the aforementioned album by Reiner and Siewert will be presented live for the very first time. Join us if you are in or near Vienna. Next up will be the new solo album by Pink Dots mastermind Edward Ka-Spel and the third album by Sorry For Laughing.


Today marks the first ever CD re-issue of the legendary Ralph Records compilation Subterranean Modern. Featuring The Residents, Chrome, Tuxedomoon and MX-80 Sound, this has been carefully remastered and comes with original artwork by Gary Panter. More details in the catalogue page. Etant Donnes 4, Ceux Qu'on Aime - Ce Que Je Hais, is still very fresh and can also be found in our available section. Menial Disorders by Robert Rental is very close to being sold out here at source, with less than a handful of copies remaining. Our other recent titles, Hydrogen Kaleidoscope by The Darkening Scale, L'or'n Cät by Geins't Nait, Bone if Contention by Semantics and Vibrant Stapler by Hastings of Malawi, are all ready to ship and waiting to be ordered. The next concert in Vienna co-hosted by us is the duo of Rhys Chatham and David Fenech, taking place in Vienna on May 12th. Support comes from Martin Siewert and Christian Reiner, pressuring their Klanggalerie release Erstens. Stay safe.