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CD album | gg102
Klanggalerie are very proud to present you the first full re-issue of this second album on CD by Diana Rogerson with Steven Stapleton of Nurse With Wound. The CD has the original cover artwork as well as previously unpublished images. Full album, includes bonus tracks not on the Beastings CD re-issue. Remastered by Steven Stapleton and Colin Potter. Very low stock!

'Riding the Red Rag' closes the album with Diana's singing voice over what could easily by a Roland drum machine circa 1985, played live with tons of delay, combined with guitar and other instruments that drone. The almost genre-defying qualities of 'Riding the Red Rag' lead me to believe it could have easily been recorded at the same sessions for Melchior with HNAS."
(Brainwashed, June 2005)