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NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS Befehlsnotstand/Shake Those Chains

CD album | gg108
After re-issuing "Energy Exchange" and "Fruiting Body" with original artworks, we are now happy to present you two classics from the NE catalogue: "Befehlsnotstand" was the band's fifth album released by Sterile Records in 1983. It is a fantastic mix of Industrial noise and electronic beats that point towards the NE pop classic of "Songs of Love and Revolution". In 1984, the band recorded "Shake Those Chains, Rattle Those Cages", a semi-live/studio album that has never seen the light of day on CD. The recording quality of the live side is not very good, so we have decided to add the studio tracks (which are indeed fantastic) to this release. Again, this will be a very limited emission of 300 copies only, so be quick to avoid missing another milestone of the electronic avantgarde.