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ANDREW LILES Somnambulance to Dream General

CD album | gg109
"Somnambulance" is a reworking of an album of odd and obscure tracks that was released in a microscopic edition on CD-R before. For this CD, Mr. Liles has provided his funniest and possibly most controversial artwork as of yet. You get an hour of music of many different styles: Andrew Liles' trademark of eerie and spooky sounds is there; also electronics and a whole range of instruments are placed in between sketches and longer tracks. And if all this weren't enough, you get three bonus tracks that didn't appear on the CDR at all. After a long line of collaborations, finally a new album by Current 93 and Nurse With Wound man Liles himself! Track list: 1. A Little Chittagonian Lasear Barefoot And Starving 2. Another Journey 3. As And When 4. A Simple Piano 5. Not For The Price Of A Hat 6. Soap Stone Sugar Rocks (A Dumb Admirer Of Genius) 7. Waste Disposal Chute To The Afterlife (Reversal Changed) 8. Jamais Vu Or Ugly People In Love 9. Rattle Snake Boots With Crocodile Epaulets 10. Benedict XV (1914-22) 11. On Our Way 12. Unsanitary Conditions 13. The Bombardier Sings (A Norwegian In Poland) 14. The Mind As An Engine That Hitherto Ceases To Function Correctly - Remix 15. Zyphon Goes To Bo Bo 16. You Should Have Told Me First 17. Somnambulance To Dream General 18. Jerusalem 19. It Is Now 1974 20. Choose The Speaker 21. Rock & Roll. Price: € 8,-/copy incl worldwide shipping.

Musikalisch wird typisch abstrakt-surreale "Lost And Found"-Kost der Jahre 2002-2006 geboten, die zum größten Teil auf akustischen Instrumenten fußt, aber natürlich durch den elektronischen Reißwolf gedreht wurde. Fans von NURSE WITH WOUND werden hier ihre Freude dran haben..."
(Black, December 2008)

Komendium des Klangforschers und Experimenteurs Andrew Liles, der schon u.a. mit Current 93, Faust und dem Hafler Trio gearbeitet hat. Die einzelnen Stücke - 21 an der Zahl - bewegen sich zwischen voluminösen Wellenverschiebungen, nuancierten Störgeräuschen, zärtlichen Sample- Vergewaltigungen und der Beschichtung von Melodieteilen."
(Rokko's Adventures, June 2009)