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Hotel Grozny
Salsita One

CHRIS CONNELLY Day of Knowledge

CD album | gg171
Chris Connelly grew up in Scotland where he also had his first band Fini Tribe. After meeting with Al Jourgensen in November 1986 in London's Southern Studios he took part in several of Jourgensen's projects, mainly as a songwriter and vocalist. Chris recorded with Ministry, Revolting Cocks, Pigface and many more. In 2006, he released the outstanding solo album "The Episodes" on David Tibet's Durtro label. Continuing this line of exploration Day of knowledge brings together his strong sense of melody, his voice, and the sonic experiments using tape, noise and found sounds that he first started addressing back in the late 70s with his band Fini Tribe. There are many songs on this album, both grand and minimal in execution, but there are also passages of noise, spoken word, unsettling ambience and silence. Chris is joined by a highly diverse cast of contributors, including stalwarts Bill Rieflin , Zak Boerger & Sanford Parker, and some collaborators from the past including Cabaret Voltaire's Stephen Mallinder, and old friends Jim O' Rourke & Ben Vida , as well as Kathleen Baird from the band Spires That In The Sunsets Rise. "Day of Knowledge" is not an easy listen, and it is far removed from his last rock album Artificial Madness but Chris considers it his most realized work to date, taking 9 months to complete over a series of studious re-writes and reading. However, it is a thing of beauty, a study of extremism, and of humanity. Track list: 1. The Ossetian 2. Hotel Grozny 3. Silouhette Lodging 4. Bones Interrupting Light 5. I Breathe In The Caucasus 6. Satsita One 7. Satsita Two 8. Beyond Science And Evil 9. Shalamov 10. Day Of Knowledge 11. Near Lethal Doses 12. Duty Of Oblivion 13. Once In The Water 14. Congregation Of Cruelty 15. Martyr No Martyr 16. The Intent 17. Martyr On Martyr 18. The Kolokol Diaries. Price: € 9,-/copy incl worldwide shipping.

Day Of Knowledge“ setzt dieses mit einer Mischung aus sperrigen Folk-, Drone- und Industrial-Songs um, über die sich eine Art bedrückender Klagegesang wie ein bleierner Schleier legt. Zusätzlich sind die Tracks permanent von Spoken Words und einer sakralen Chor-Atmosphären durchzogen, deren Ursprung in der orthodoxen Kirchenmusik Russlands liegen zu scheint. Unterstützt wird Chris Connelly dabei durch eine Reihe seiner alten Kollegen, deren prominenteste Teilnehmer Stephen Malinder (CABARET VOLTAIRE), Bill Rieflin (MINISTRY) und Jim O’Rourke (SONIC YOUTH) sind. Der verschrobene Sound des Albums ist letztendlich schwer kategorisierbar und am ehesten mit einer Melange aus den letzten Werken von Scott Walker, eines jungen David Bowie und den ersten Solo-Arbeiten von Matt Elliott vergleichbar. Die rund 75 Minuten von „Day Of Knowledge“ bietet sicher keine leichte Kost, aber dafür am Ende ein interessantes Plädoyer für die Humanität!"
(Black Magazine, December 2013)