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I'm So Cold
You are on your own

R. B. RUSSELL Bloody Baudelaire

CDr album | gg192
R.B. Russell is a British writer, publisher and composer. His novella "Bloody Baudelaire" is being turned into a film right now, and Russell has provided the soundtrack for the adaptation. Beautiful piano is joined by violin courtesy of the great Matt Howden of Sieben. You will hear traces of ghosts, but Bloody Baudelaire is a lot more melancholic in its feel. Nurse With Wound's Andrew Liles has produced the album which is now released with a 12 page booklet. As with the previous record, think of This Mortal Coil or even Robert Haigh if you need comparison. The first few copies come with a signed original photo! Special price. Tracklist: 1. Shadows In The Moist Evenings Of Sum 2. He's Just Trying To Get A Reaction Out Of Us 3. The Card Game Part 1 4. The Card Game Part 2 5. The Card Game Part 3 6. Miranda's Return 7. The Following Morning, Part 1 8. The Following Morning, Part 2 9. I'm So Cold I Can Feel My Skeleton 10. Where Are All Gerald's Paintings 11. A Supernatural Explanation 12. Searching For Gerald 13. The Meal 14. Why Do You Do That To Yourself? 15. The Vandalised Picture 16. Going To Bed 17. Drinking Absinth 18. In The Woods 19. You Are On Your Own