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DDAA Les Ambulants

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Déficit Des Années Antérieures are one of the most important French avantgarde groups ever. "Les Ambulants", their second album, came out in 1984 on the band's own Illusion Production label. It is considered a milestone in DDAA's career, establishing their trademark sound and developing further after "Action and Japanese Demonstration". For this re-issue, the original album has been complemented with bonus material so that playing time is now around an hour. The original artwork has been reproduced to fit this 6 panel digipack version. Tracklist: 1. Part 1: The Riddle's Standards/Heidelberg Original/Attraper Un Bruit Au Piano/From The Deep HP 2. Part 2: Baltique 3. Part 3: Baltique/Bruit-Son/I Am A Spitfire (New Version 1985/2015)/The Last Century Music. Price: € 16,-/copy incl worldwide shipping.