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CHARLES BOBUCK The Swords Of Slidell

CD album | gg228
Romeo and Juliet became West Side Story. King Kong has been filmed three times. Michael Jackson recorded The Beatles', “Come Together.” In light of these examples, Hardy Fox didn’t consider it too weird when he decided to start writing “cover versions” of other people’s literature. His hobby has always been to edit and rethink other people’s work, why not literature. Often he only modernizes the vision, but sometimes he alters the plot. He adds and deletes characters, scenes, and dialogue. Though ultimately his goal is always to honor what he feels is the original’s intent. Charles Bobuck, former composer for The Residents, graciously added the music score for this work. This soundtrack album is the start of a new series of limited editon CDs brought to you by Klanggalerie/Hardy Fox under the new banner TOOK. Small run of 300 copies only, no repress. Available exclusively through the Klanggalerie webpage. Usual price, as usual no extra shipping charges. Grab your copy as soon as it becomes available. Also check out the bundle edition with Later Tonight, available as gg229. Tracklist: 1. The Swords Of Slidell Soundtrack