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Ich warte


CD album | gg260
Non Toxique Lost are one of the most important and equally most underrated bands from Berlin's 1980s Industrlal scene. In the old days, most of their albums came out on cassette only, they have later been collected onto vinyls and CDs. After the tragic loss of long-time member Steffen Schütze last year, NTL are continuing with their unique vision of music. Harsh electronic beats meet Sea Wanton's blunt political lyrics that are screamed over the Industrial sounds. Like all of NTL's releases, this is also a limited edition so don't wait too long with ordering. If you've never heard of them, it's high time to fill this gap in your music knowledge. If you know them, there's a strong chance you'll love them. Full tracklist: 1. 1 Sek 2. Wahr Sind Die Erinnerungen 3. Menschenähnlich 4. Kein Selbstmord Im Kölner Dom 5. Amerika/Europa 6. Burnt Out 7. Ich Warte 8. Neues Deutschland Lied 9. Klein Klaidurke. 10. Dirndlstrich 11. Orwells Welt 12. Raum 16 13. Drahthaar/Drittelzeit 14. Ritos Y Danzas. Price: € 17,-/copy incl. worldwide shipping.