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Mahogany Wood RMX
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The Residents are fiddlers. Not fiddle players, just fiddlers. They like to play around and see different ways their songs could sound. They call this RMX. Some say RMX stands for "remix" but with The Residents, who knows? While the RMX concept is mostly associated with two album projects (The King and Eye RMX and WB:RMX), The Residents had also tinkered with individual songs. These were released as free streaming tracks on the band's official MySpace page (yes, they had one). In 2007 most of these tracks were collected in a compilation simply titled RMX, first made available on iTunes. Never before have this tunes been available on a physical release, so we are now glad to present you RMX as a CD including two previously unreleased rmx's! New cover artwork by Pore Know Graphics. Full tracklist: 1. Icky Flix Theme 2. Kaw-Liga RMX 3. Blue Rosebuds RMX 4. Teddy RMX 5. Picnic In The Jungle RMX 6. Jelly Jack - The Boneless Boy RMX 7. He Also Serves RMX 8. This Is A Man's Man's Man's World RMX 9. Mahogany Wood RMX 10. Just 4 U 11. Ship's A Going Down RMX 12. The Sleeper RMX 13. Baby Skeletons And Dogs RMX 14. Hello Skinny RMX 15. The Golden Goat RMX. Price: € 18,-/copy incl. worldwide shipping.

Blue Rosebuds - it takes this 1978 tracks original waving creep-ness proto surreal/ high pitch rap and replaces it with clapping beats & sinister swoons, with later crackling Mr. Skull rock vocals, and a chiming-though-messy euphoric rock riffing on. Jelly Jack - this removes the choppy & jaunting 1990s weird-do electronica & theatrical male vocals of the original and replaces it with choppy & oriental electric guitar struts, moaning & muffled female vocals, and uneven galloping electro beats. Baby Skeletons And Dogs - this was one of the earliest Residents tracks from the early 70s, originally it was a fairly shambolic & wonky blend of off-key noise guitar churn & cartoon vocals - for this remix we get a more detailed, though still off-the-wall track - to begin with we get a blend of snapping ethnic beats, clean Spanish guitars, wavering & slight glitch pulled vocals. That leads into meatier guitar chugs, looping synth tones, and later denser ethno ambient work-outs.
(Musique Machine, August 2018)