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SECTION 25 Elektra

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Brand new album by the legendary Section 25. The band formed in Blackpool,UK in November 1977. Initially they were a duo, consisting of brothers Larry Cassidy and Vincent Cassidy). In June 1978 they made their live debut with Phil Denton on guitar. Their debut 7", "Girls Don't Count", was released in July 1980 on Factory Records, produced by Ian Curtis and Rob Gretton of Joy Division. Joined by percussionist Lee Shallcross, Section 25 gradually evolved with a more electronic-dance direction from 1983 onwards, a process which culminated in the album From the Hip and remix single "Looking From A Hilltop", both released in 1984 and produced by Bernard Sumner of New Order. This second iteration of the band also featured the Cassidy brothers' sister Angela Flowers and Larry Cassidy's wife Jenny Ross. In 1986 Section 25 fell silent for more than a decade, and reemerged with the album Part Primitiv in 2006. On 27 February 2010, it was announced that founding member, singer, and bass player for the group, Larry Cassidy, had died at the age of 56. Today, Section 25 consist of Vin Cassidy, Bethany Cassidy (Larry's daughter), Jo Cassidy, Michael Cassidy and long-time collaborator Steven Stringer. This line-up recorded "Elektra" in 2018 with guest guitar by the band's original guitarist Paul Wiggin. It is pure SXXV, without any outside influences. Full tracklist: 1. Laid Back 2. Chase The Blue 3. Creatures 4. All I Ask 5. It Don't Get 6. You Want Some 7. You Don't Have To Be Liked To Be Good 8. The Greatest Thing 9. This Is The Love 10. Floating Sun 11. FML. Price: € 17,-/copy incl. worldwide shipping. Pre-order starts July 10th, CDs ship about a week later.

Pitched somewhere between the pastoral atmospherics of Love and Hate and the understated Nature and Degree, album number nine returns to the bands partly DIY ethos with the help of long-term engineer and producer Alan Gregson and drummer Vin Cassidy. By turns upbeat and melancholic, the wistful vocals of Beth Cassidy permeate most of the set, while real drums, ambient synths and an unfussy arrangement are the order of the day. (...) Elektra is eclectic and electrifying.
(Flipside Reviews, July 2018)

The new album Elektra sees a return to Section 25s post-punk roots and this move is signified by multi-instrumentalist Steve Stringer being joined by the bands original guitarist from that period Paul Wiggin as the recordings special guest. (..) Those who prefer to party like its 1979 with guitars, bass and drums will love this latest offering from Section 25 as a worthy addition to the Cassidy tradition.
(Electricity Club, July 2018)

The eighth studio album from Blackpools Section 25 lives up to our expectations. (...) There is a whole host of styles, moods and tempos displayed on Elektra. Opening with the electro tinged Laid Back, Beth Cassidys angelic vocals dominate on this dreamy, aspirational opener. Laid Back is underpinned by Vins precision drumming and Jos backing vocals shine too. Chase The Blue shifts the tempo and the mood of the album and is much more like Always Now era Section 25, but with a contemporary twist. Harder and darker than its predecessor, Chase The Blue drives along with a pounding rhythm section. (...) Few bands formed in the late 70s are still producing records anywhere near as assured as this. Never resting on their laurels, Section 25 continue to challenge themselves and their audience. They dont sound like anyone else and seem to me to be peerless. Theres a nod to their past, their present and to the future. In Elektra they have sought influence from their own history and they should be applauded for doing so.
(Even The Stars, August 2018)

Ein Blick aufs Cover und ins Booklet zeigt, worum es der Band nach 40 Jahren geht – um die Familie. Um die Menschen, die diese Band mit Leben füllten und noch füllen. Ein Fokus, der nahe liegt. Sind doch bereits zwei Mitglieder aus der Band-Familie Cassidy viel zu früh verstorben. Doch die zweite Generation ist mit den Cousinen Jo und Beth mit Gründungsmitglied Onkel Vin am Start und hat genau die gleichen Post-Punk-Gene im Blut.
(Westzeit, August 2018)