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Psykho Genetika is Konstruktivist's greatest record and one of the best classic Industrial albums of all time. Recorded in 1983 after Last Moments of 1923 and A Dissembly, it came out on Third Mind Records in the same year. Sadly, this outstanding album didn't get the recognition it deserved, due to lack of promotion and funding. The sounds on this record were so extreme that they couldn't be pressed onto a vinyl album, so it was first heard as it should be in 1993 when it was re-issued on the band's own Jara Discs label ten years later. That compact disc edition is hard to find nowadays and fetches collectors' prices if it shows up at all. Therefore, we are happy to present you this new edition, digitally remastered in 2019 and with a live bonus track. Konstruktivist in 1983 were much more sonically sophisticated than for example Throbbing Gristle; Whitehouse were less disturbing and Cabaret Voltaire never so mysterious. The band used to get letters from mentally disturbed listeners saying Psykho Genetika was the first record to reflect their state of mind. Over 35 years later, this album still stands out as a masterpiece and thanks to today's technology it can be heard the way it was originally intended. This CD version is the full uncut version, never available on vinyl in this form. Full tracklist: 1. Mansonik no 1 2. Free Form Fetish 3. PTI (Bebor Racket) 4. Aural Wallpaper 5. For Each of Us 6. Andropov '84 7. Film-o-Sonik 8. Mansonik no 2 9. Lock Groove 10. Kopa 11. PTI 2 12. Mansonik Drop 1 13. Mansonik Drop 3 14. Andropov '84 Re-Mix 15. Bizarre 16. Mansonik Drop 2 17. Black December 18. Das Boot U-23 19. Autoghosts 20. Free Form Fetish (Live). Price: € 18,-/copy incl. worldwide shipping.

As an album Psykho Genetika takes the woozy unwell-ness of Last Moments Of 1923, shifting that albums Russian Civil War focus towards intergalactic vibes. As with Last Moments Of 1923 this is very much an instrumental focused release - we do get sort of sub-Genesis P-Orridge mumblings and dronings, but these only appear in a few places. The twenty tracks move from the hazy yet dizzying UFO-like vibes of Mansonik one with its blend of simmer and spinning reverb, eerily space-bound synth texturing, and baying electro string textures. Onto the manically space-bound bubbling of Aural Wallpaper - with its mixture of cascading synth tones, waving and tone shifting drones, and choppy electo pluses. Through to sinisterly marching and glowing malevolence of Andropov 84 that blends together slicing melodics with chopping synthy bass tone, and sour/ baying harmonics. Over to the robotically tolling and rather dizzying vocal loops of Bizarre. On the whole, the album takes the promise of the projects previously releases - adds in a tad more variety and uneasy mood, then spiraling it off into the stars.
(Musique Machine, September 2019)

Maar een mentale beperking of niet, Psykho Genetika krijgt op cd dus de aandacht die het verdient. Want check er de ‘toplijsten’ maar eens op na, een vermelding van deze plaat is eerder uitzondering dan regel. Wel zal je zonder twijfel Throbbing Gristles 20 Jazz Funk Greats terugvinden, maar wij zijn van mening dat Konstruktivist deze belangrijke plaat met Psykho Genetika zelfs doet verbleken, en dit zonder afbreuk te doen aan de TG plaat uit 1979.
(Dark Entries, September 2019)