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Easter Woman

THE 180GS The Commercial Album

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The 180 Gs is a group of 5 singers (who also happen to be brothers) based in Detroit, Michigan and led by composer and multi-instrumentalist David Minnick. They have carved out their niche in the music world by creating new versions of severely iconoclastic albums of the 1980s and 1990s using only their voices. Their debut album is a collection of the works of sound collage artists Negativland.The album titled "180 d'Gs to the Future" was released in 2008 on Negativland's label, Seeland Records. The 180 Gs second album is an a capella version of the British band Cardiacs' monumental 1995 double album "Sing to God". This project took the group 4 years to complete. It was finally released in the summer of 2018 to critical acclaim. We are now happy to present their third album, a cover of the Residents seminal 1980 release: "The Commercial Album": 40 distinct songs, 60 seconds each. Homer Flynn of The Cryptic Corporation says about it: "The thing that’s most impressive about the album is that the Gs are not merely imitating the Residents’ masterpiece of minimalism, but reinventing it, while staying completely faithful to the source material. Like the originators, the 180Gs are creating their own alternate musical universe, just as curious and original as that of The Residents." Full tracklist: 1. Easter Woman 2. Perfect Love 3. Picnic Boy 4. End Of Home 5. Amber 6. Japanese Watercolor 7. Secrets 8. Die In Terror 9. Red Rider 10. My Second Wife 11. Floyd 12. Suburban Bathers 13. Dimples And Toes 14. The Nameless Souls 15. Love Leaks Out 16. Act Of Being Polite 17. Medicine Man 18. Tragic Bells 19. Loss Of Innocence 20. The Simple Song 21. Ups And Downs 22. Possessions 23. Give It To Someone Else 24. Phantom 25. Less Not More 26. My Work Is So Behind 27. Birds In The Trees 28. Handfull Of Desire 29. Moisture 30. Love Is... 31. Troubled Man 32. La La 33. Loneliness 34. Nice Old Man 35. The Talk Of Creatures 36. Fingertips 37. In Between Dreams 38. Margaret Freeman 39. The Coming Of The Crow 40. When We Were Young. Price: € 17,-/copy incl. worldwide shipping.

Insanely good a cappella renditions of Residents songs.
(Dangerous Minds, April 2019)