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Bake Sore Toe
Acid Ash Bed
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CD album | gg297
David Janssen aka Ted The Loaf (of Renaldo & The Loaf) started The Darkening Scale in 2006 when RATL took a longer break. It is a purely digital affair and its releases originally came out as downloads only. Over the past couple of years, Klanggalerie has released two DS albums: The Entomology of Sound and Sonic Archeology. We are now happy to present you Stuck bad, The Darkening Scale's cover version of The Residents' Duck Stab album as a beautifully packaged mini-album with Poxodd artwork. David Janssen has processed the original album digitally, he has rearranged and reconstructed it, and the result is a highly original take on this classic Residents fan favourite. We'd like to thank the Cryptic Corporation for support in releasing this. Full tracklist: 1. Continental Sop 2. Bake Sore Toe 3. Boulder Buses 4. Has Visons, Bless 5. Hugging Salon 6. Sexier, Arresting Goat 7. Acid Ash Bed. Price: € 18,-/copy incl. worldwide shipping.