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Schwarze Mamba
Ich Bin Nicht Sisyphos
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Non Toxique Lost are one of the most important and equally most underrated bands from Berlin's 1980s Industrlal scene. Sprung aus den Wolken, Einstürzende Neubauten, Die Tödliche Doris and also Non Toxique Lost were the core of the movement in the divided city. In the old days, most of their albums came out on cassette only, later they were collected onto vinyls and CDs. After the tragic loss of long-time member Steffen Schütze in 2017, NTL are continuing with their unique vision of music. Harsh electronic beats meet Sea Wanton's blunt political lyrics that are screamed over the Industrial sounds. In 2018 Non Toxique Lost played a show as the duo of Sea Wanton and Jammin' Unit at our label's 25 year anniversary called Klang 25 alongside Renaldo & The Loaf, Zea, John Avery, Ron Wright, Rapoon, Simon Crab, Zahgurim, Tabor Radosti, Thighpaulsandra and Eric Random. NTL played the second night after Rapoon. Their set was surprisingly dancey, and was nearly completely filmed. Unfortunately, no audio recording was made, so the band decided to play the same set again a few days later in their studio. Limited edtion of 100 numbered copies only. Full tracklist: 1. Bewegen Wir Uns Noch 2. Dulce And Decorum Est 3. I.n.t.a.s.b.t.l.a.s.s. 4. Schwarze Mamba 5. Untergang 6. Buchenwald 7. Studie Zur Wahrheit 8. Bongo-La-Bunga-Low 9. Ich Bin Nicht Sisyphos 10. Buchenwald (Case No.000-50-9, 31 Please: NG!) 11. State Of The Art - Outro. Full price: € 17,-/copy incl. worldwide shipping.

Its a masterful journey through the deeper darker side of electronica, with industrial tones that never really get too heavy. Sweeping effects, backwards percussion, squelchy bass arpeggios and various stretched-out noises create atmospheres that feel like an inverted mirror image of dance music. After the screaming German introduction of Bewegen Wir Uns Noch, the advanced restraint of the music is on display in the nearly-sinister Dulce Et Decorum Est, with its super-gradual build and unfold. The contrasting tensions are clear on tracks like I.N.T.A.S.B.T.L.A.S.S., where the dubby understated electronic groove (reminiscent of some recent Orb tracks) is unmoved by the angry shouting thats initially stamped on it. Schwarze Mamba is absolutely mesmeric, and a highlight. Its got the long, patient building patterns of Tangerine Dream, but with a carefully exposed backbone of attitude, and (eventually) a vocal thats oddly reminiscent of The Doors Rebel Woman.
(Chain DLK, June 2020)