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Shave And A Haircut
Two Bits


CD album | gg339
Sainkho Namtchylak is a singer originally from Tuva, an autonomous republic in the Russian Federation just north of Mongolia. She is known for her Tuvan throat singing or Khöömei. Her music encompasses avant-jazz, electronica, modern composition and Tuvan influences. Once the Soviet Union had collapsed, she moved to Vienna, making it her base, although she traveled widely, working in any number of shifting groups and recording a number of discs that revolved around free improvisation. Amongst them are collaborations with Evan Parker, Ned Rothenberg, The Moscow Composers Orchestra and Wolfgang Puschnig. Ned Rothenberg is an American multi-instrumentalist who was born in 1956 in Massachusetts. He has been internationally acclaimed for both his solo and ensemble music, presented for the past 33 years on 5 continents. He performs primarily on alto saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet, and the shakuhachi - an endblown Japanese bamboo flute. His solo work utilizes an expanded palette of sonic language, creating a kind of personal idiom all its own. die13 was born as Dieter Kovačič in 1973. He is a turntablist, hacker, filmmaker, autodidact, composer, collageur and conscientious copyright objector. Since the late 1980s he has explored the possibilities of vinyls, cassettes, harddisks, ip-protocols etc. as material for collages and compositions. Using various playing techniques and his own lathe cutter, he has pushed the development of turntables as instruments aside "classical dj techniques" and developed his very unique style. Antiphonen was the first time this trio played together. Kazuhisha Uchihashi from Japanese group Altered States co-curated the festival and 2019 and invited the musicians to perform together. Full tracklist: 1. Shave And A Haircut 2. Two Bits. Price: € 18,-/copy incl. worldwide shipping.

伝統的唱法を発展させた発声から呟きのような声まで、あらゆる声による表現を駆使し千変万化するサインホのヴォイス 、循環奏法とマルチフォニックスを駆使しつつも、ブルージーな楽音や尺八も交えるローゼンバーグ、そこにDieb 13がノイズやサウンドをレイヤーのように重ねることで、音宇宙が広がった。このステージで繰り広げられたのは音による即興無言劇とも言えるかもしれない。そして、サインホ の声による表現の奥深さに改めて感じいったのである。その一方で、声と菅楽器と機器による音表現、異なる3者の取り合わせは今日的な組み合わせであること、そこにさらなる表現の可能性があることにあらためて気がついたのだった。この傑出したパフォーマンスを聴けたことは耳福である。
(Jazz Tokyo, September 2020)

During the first improvisation, Namtchylak covered her shaved head with a red balaclava, therefore the first extended piece is ironically titled A Shave and a Haircut. Without this eccentric distraction, there is more time to enjoy her infinite palette of vocal and her unique way of telling strange and even weirder, cryptic and free-associative stories without articulating even one comprehensible word, but with great pathos and a compelling sense of drama. Rothenberg and dieb13 orchestrated and framed her cryptic, ecstatic stories wisely. Rothenberg with clever, sharp rhythmic ideas, and often with an aroma of fragile, meditative lyricism, while dieb13 added more ironic yet subtle and insightful orchestral layers. Namtchylak sounds on this piece as soaring high on her own mysterious space pathways, while Rothenberg and dieb13 act as the pillars of her intergalactic arkestra. This piece ends with an intense, emotional coda, with Rothenberg sketching a playful melody, echoed by Namtchylaks vocals and embraced by dieb13s roaring, atmospheric sounds.
(Salt Peanuts, February 2021)