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With, Without (excerpt 1)
With, Without (excerpt 2)

PHIL MINTON & DIEB13 With, Without

CD album | gg342
Phil Minton is a jazz/free-improvising vocalist and trumpeter. He is a highly dramatic baritone who tends to specialize in literary texts: he has sung lyrics by William Blake with Mike Westbrook's group, Daniil Kharms and Joseph Brodsky with Simon Nabatov, and extracts from James Joyce's Finnegans Wake with his own ensemble. Minton is perhaps best known, however, for his completely free-form work, which involves "extended techniques" that can be as unsettling as they can be mesmerising. His vocals often include the sounds of retching, burping, screaming, and gasping, as well as childlike muttering, whining, crying and humming; he also has an ability to distort his vocal cords to produce two notes at once. Dieter Kovačič aka Dieb13 is an Austrian improvisational musician who mostly works with turntables. Since the late 1980s he has been experimenting with cassette players, vinyl records, CDs and harddiscs. He has a duo with Billy Roisz which combines electronic music with experimental filmmaking. Their first collaborative album has been recorded live at various festivals, including Wels Unlimited, Disobedience Ljubljana or Instants Chavires, Montreuil. Full tracklist: 1 With, Without. Price: € 18,-/copy incl. worldwide shipping.

With, without is a decidedly crazed, at points manic & deranged journey into odd vocalizing/weird mouth sounds, and scuttling/churning turn-tabling/dada noise making. (...) And boy its a wacky & braintwisting trip, and depending on your temperament/enjoyment of manic/crazed soundscaping it will either be a heady & unsettling trip, or a decidedly annoying & grating chore.
(Musique Machine, December 2020)

With dieb13 he employs his dramatic baritone only with extended vocal techniques, deconstructing every possible facet of the human voice into free-form train of abstract and eccentric retching, burping, screaming, gasping, childlike muttering, whining, crying, whistling and humming sounds, or as Minton himself calls it: belching obscene incoherent rubbish, often with what seems like as a tortured body language that enhances the abstract narrative. These series of free-associative and imaginative gibberish of human voices were framed and orchestrated brilliantly in real-time by dieb13, always attuned to every nuance of Mintons vocalizations, and injecting loose but coherent threads to Mintons wild vocal journeys.
(The Free Jazz Collective, February 2021)