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Saadet Türköz was born in 1961 in Istanbul into a family of nomads from Kasachstan. In 1981 she came to Switzerland where she was soon in contact with the free jazz and impro scene. From 1991 to 1992 Saadet attended a course in musical improvisation at Werkstatt für Improvisierte Musik (WIM) with Peter K. Frey in Zurich. Ever since, she has been working with jazz musicians from both Switzerland and all over the globe, for example she recorded with Elliott Sharp, Koch-Schütz-Studer, Okay Temiz, Elisabeth Harnik, William Parker and many others. She also works in film, theatre and dance. Zim Ngqwana was born in Port Elisabeth, South Africa, in 1959. He studied with Archie Sheep and Yusef Lateef. In the 1990s he worked with Hugh Masekela and Abdullah Ibrahim. He combines traditional South African music with jazz and founded the Zimology Institue for young musicians near Johannesburg. Carlo Mombelli and Kyle Shepherd are both from South Africa and worked with greats such as Luis Moholo-Moholo and Miriam Makeba. Finally, Justin Badenhorst has made his mark at home in New York and internationally, recording and performing worldwide with bassist Carlo Mombelli & the Prisoners of Strange, and Marcus Wyatt’s language 12 project. Remember Me was recorded in South Africa and is the group's first ever collaboration. Full tracklist: 1. Mandela. 2. Mother 3. Wake Up! 4. Feast 5. Soweto. 6. My Brother 7. Drive 8. Respire 9. Joburg Sky. 10. Freedom 11. Travelers. Price: € 18,-/copy incl. worldwide shipping.

Die leidenschaftlich bewegende Musik - auch eine Geschichte der Apartheid und Saadet Vorfahren? - wurde in einer ununterbrochenen Session aufgenommen, Zim gab jeweils mit großem Gong das Zeichen zu Themenwechseln.
(JNM, June 2021)

Its a fun and free spirited session, more upbeat than much of Türköz discography, but no less bold, with her once again finding fellow musicians transcending - or simply ignoring - borders and boundaries to find new languages and tell new stories.
(New York City Jazz Record, July 2021)