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Found At Sea

FIL OK Aeromantic

CD album | gg365
Fil OK is a composer and producer of electronic music. He has released five solo albums: Bitch Disco; Neon Ghost; Electropolis, Mute Riot & Aeromantic. Aeromantic is Fil's fifth solo album and was originally released on March 1st, 2019 on OK Music as a download. It is an aural exploration of all things existing, happening, or operating in the air: birds; aeroplanes; helicopters; soundwaves; clouds; rain; jetstreams; colours; spirits etc. Fil is also a member of electro duo Atomizer and the art collective We're In The Water with Fil writing and producing, and an array of different performers and vocalists singing. They have made four albums to date: Delinquent, Soap Opera, This Is Strange and All Kind of Entwined. In addition, Fil has scored the short films Rachel 9000, Hurt & Bird, for Santa Monica College, and Joshua Evans's Now Departing & Anna. His music is used in these feature films: Wash Westmoreland & Richard Glatzer's Still Alice; Colin Rothbart's Dressed As A Girl, and Russell Brown's Search Engines, and for TV on BBC's Panorama and TV Land's Younger. Fil's solo music is pure electronica, more instrumental and experimental than his other groups, there are fewer rules as Fil is creating everything by himself. Still, it is dancey and fun. 12 electronic tracks, also featuring Zoë Martlew on strings, and Sheila Chipperfield on bass. Full tracklist: 1. The Zazou 2. Fuselage 3. Aurélie 4. Found At Sea 5. Murder Of Crows 6. European Folk 7. Chromophobia / Fear Of Colour 8. Eye Of The Storm 9. The Pink Correspondent 10. Absynthery 11. Old Ancients 12. All Above The Sky. Price: € 18,-/copy incl. worldwide shipping.