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String Theory
Arable Rabbi
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THE DARKENING SCALE Hydrogen Kaleidoscope

CD album | gg369
David Janssen is best know for his work as ted The Loaf in Renaldo & The Loaf. When the band came to a halt in 2006, he concentrated on solo music. The Darkening Scale project was born. It is a purely digital affair created by David in his home studio. This is what David says about the album: "Hydrogen Kaleidoscope, like previous Darkening Scale releases re-examines the material, plus tracks from Secondhand Muon, to make a revised ‘best of’ version of the two releases. Seems like ancient history to me now. Good to have a proper release on Klanggalerie and clears the decks for new projects. Watch this space!” Full tracklist: 1. Invocation 2. String Theory 3. Dire Lambencies 4. No Obscene Sighs 5. Jaunty Bone 6. A Finger Pointing At The Moon 7. Timid Cowslip 8. Chanciness Foregone 9 Dog Leg Army 10. Chained Vapor 11. Secondhand Muon 12. Arable Rabbi. Full price: € 18,-/copy incl. worldwide shipping.

The collection moves from the manic, at times angular/electro bending string saw and bay of String Theory onto swamp blues meets avant strut of Jaunting Bone - which from time to time is added to by pitch bucking vocalisings. Theres the moodier and more spaced grey ambience of A Finger Pointing At The Moon which finds distant and eerier bass prods meeting synth string drifting malevolence - before we find dramatic and brooding percussion added in its second half.
(Musique Machine, June 2022)