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The Weatherman
Diskomo 2000


CD album | gg373
The Residents are an American art collective best known for their over 60 studio albums that were recorded over a period of over forty years. They also created some outstanding multimedia works, mainly three CD ROM projects and ten DVDs. Working as an anonymous collective, their identitites were kept secret until in 2017 Hardy Fox revealed himself as their primary composer. Hardy died in October 2018, but the group continue to record and perform. Recently, several new albums have been released, among them the brilliant Intruders and Ghost of Hope. Early in 2020, the group was invited to perform their seminal album God in 3 Persons at the MOMA in New York. Morning Music is a compilation album by The Residents, originally released June 25th 2010 on the Robot Selling Device. The compilation contains a hand-picked selection of Residents tracks, designed to be listened to in the morning. "It is normally true that The Residents can be a bit too jarring for the morning.This compilation tries to fly in the face of that idea and presents a selection of up-beat tunes that will get one through a cup of coffee at home on Sunday morning and ready to head out into the world for that second cup.", said the Residents at the time of its release. Remastered for enhanced listening pleasure. Full tracklist: 1. Ozan 2-Step 2. The Weatherman 3. Daydream Believer 4. Day 4 5. The Whispering Boy 6. Two Testes 7. For Elsie (Excerpt) 8. Just 4U (Edit) 9. Save The World 10. Thundering Skies 11. Sad Saint John 12. Dollhouse 13. Susie Smiles 14. The Touch 15. Timmy 16. The New Hymn (Recessional) 17. I Like Black 18. Mr. Bee's Bumble 19. Dream Wheel 20. Diskomo 2000. Price: € 18,-/copy incl. worldwide shipping.

All in all Morning Music is a great little collection homing in on the more approachable side of The Residents output. It nicely blends the more known album tracks, with rarer less heard stuff - making for a most consistent and enjoyable compilation.
(Musique Machine, October 2021)