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Other:M:other is a trio from Austria, consisting of Judith Schwarz (extended drums), Jul Dillier (prepared piano) and Arthur Fussy (modular synthesizer). Judith is a drummer and composer and internationally well known with bands like Chuffdrone, Little Rosies Kindergarten or the duo Hofmaninger/Schwarz. Arthur is a sound designer, composer and engineer. He also works for theatre productions in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Jul describes himself as a sound poet. He works as a solo artist, performer and jazz pianist. Other:M:other's aim is to create a rhythmic symbiosis of sound. Acoustic sounds melt with electronic sounds, percussive impulses grow that take their inspiration equally from experimental music and beat-driven club music. With an unusual line-up, expanded ways of playing their instruments and a free improvisational background the trio manage to react musically to their surroundings. A set by Other:M:other can be a rather experimental affair, but it can also be an hour of dance music. The audience doesn't know what to expect. On their debut album, MetaMorph, you will hear both artistic sides of this outstanding trio, with music that was recorded at three concerts during 2022. Imagine a missing link between free jazz improvisation and club music and you get the idea of what makes this trio so unique! "Other:M:other sends electric shockwaves to the sound-suffused regions of your core. These three Masters of ceremony luxuriate in their analogue eclectoacoustics as a cerebral trinity. Foetal, amniotic waterflashes lead to wild dances around the maternal maypole, a prenatal dive by Mother Mary into this rhythmically pulsating, primordial infusion." Mastered by Martin Siewert. Full tracklist: 1. Matrics 2. Lithosphere 3. Reaktor 4. Kin 5. Humus I 6. Techtonic 7. Humus II 8. Unruh. Price: € 19,-/copy incl. worldwide shipping.

There is no greater joy than finding out that among todays homologated sounds there is still someone who proudly claims the need to release sounds and noises in search of possible (and impossible) connections that can open always new scenarios around ... excellent!
(Alieno de Bootes, May 2023)

Les autrichiens s amusent à assembler les sonorités de leurs instruments respectifs de manière osée, leur insufflant une énergie percussive et entrainante, créant des zones bousculées par des secousses de notes et de roulements, abrasion sensitive capable de se transformer en transe psychédélique flirtant avec une certaine idée du chaos. Other:M:Other s impose comme une formation ultra créative, capable de créer des atmosphères impévisibles, chargées de tensions et d électricité à l intensité dense, dont l étendue semble infinie. Fantastique.
(Silence And Sound, May 2023)