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Stone Words
The Working Week
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CD album | gg429
Núria Andorrà is a percussionist, improviser and composer from a classical and contemporary music background but always drawing from other sources of inspiration. Núria proposes a universe where images, sound and the body come together to create and transmit from an interdisciplinary perspective. She has performed with Agustín Fernández, Fred Frith, Lê Quan Nihn, Joëlle Léandre, Mats Gustafsson, Nate Wooley, and Joe Morris, as well as collaborating with Carles Santos, Hector Parra, Matmos and others in a range of interdisciplinary performances. Nùria is artistic director of MontMusic Festival. Fred Frith is a pioneer of the extended electric guitar. He learned to compose in Henry Cow, developed his song-writing skills in Art Bears, explored his multi-instrumentalism in Skeleton Crew, rocked the house with Massacre and is still doing all of those things, having been in one band or another continuously since 1964! Meanwhile his work has been performed by ensembles, string quartets, chamber orchestras, and a whole range of groups and artists in the ever-expanding field of semi-popular music, including Lotte Anker, Derek Bailey, Iva Bittová, Brian Eno, Jad Fair, Evelyn Glennie, Lars Hollmer, Bill Laswell, Ikue Mori, The Residents, and John Zorn. This album was recorded at Can Balmes, Santa Maria de Palautordera on 21st October 2021, during a daytime session and an evening concert. Full tracklist: 1. Stone Words 2. Cinclidae 3. Make The Prison Tremble And Burn The Roots 4. The Working Week 5. La Persevança 6. Secret Ground 7. Com Més Vell Més Poc Cervell 8. El Sueño De La Razon 9. Night Calling Day 10. Are We Dreaming? 11. Return To Tomorrow. Price: € 19,-./copy incl. worldwide shipping.

Dancing Like Dust really is an excellent collaboration with both Frith & Andorrà showing both flare and atmospheric depth in their playing. I do hope this is not just a one-off collab, as I’d love to hear these two work together again.