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ALIENO DE BOOTES Unconventional Residents II

CD album | gg433
Alessandro Pizzin (a.k.a Alieno deBootes) continues his unconventional reinterpretation of The Residents' music by proposing 18 new variations on well-known themes of the legendary american art combo. Assisted once again by brilliant international musicians such as Ken Field (Birdsongs of the mesozoic/Revolutionary Snake Ensemble), Christophe Godin (Morglbl), Dave Newhouse (The Muffins), James Larcombe (Stars in Battledress), Luis Gonzalez (Caballero Reynaldo) and with the invaluable help of long-time collaborators such as Alessandro Monti, Roberto Marchetto and Franco Moruzzi, Alieno perseveres in the attempt to carefully recombine the DNA elements of the Residents' music he actually perceived back in the late seventies in such a way as to obtain something that is not that far from their primitive origins. Volume 1 sold out very quickly, now here is Volume 2. Including a lot of Residents classics off Commercial Album and Duck Stab.This is a limited edition TOOK release only available from our website. Full tracklist: 1. Prologue 2. Amber 3. Lights Out 4. My Second Wife 5. Home Age Conversation 6. Constantinople 7. The Knife Fight 8. Song Of The Wild 9. Hello Skinny 10. March De La Winni 11. Easter Woman 12. And I Was Alone 13. Red Rider 14. Perfect Love 15. End Of Home 16. Medicine Man 17. Das Lied Gottes 18. Laughing Song. Price: € 19,-/copy incl. worldwide shipping.

On Unconventional Residents, most of the pieces are by The Eyeballed Ones. Performed as a rock band, including solo spots for the participating musicians. The arrangements are fabulous and the sound is great. And I came across quite a number of familiar names: Roberto Marchetto (Lagunable), Franco Moruzzi (I Fratelli Di Mascia aka De Break A Dabrians, Ruins), Christophe Godin (Mörglbl), Dave Newhouse (The Muffins), Ken Field (Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic),... This is great ! It swings. It rocks. And its funny. I love it.
(United Mutations, April 2023)

Con questo secondo episodio, Alieno si approccia nuovamente con il pianeta The Residents, restituendo sottoforma di un immaginario diario musicale di bordo brani con forti dosi di empatia, come fosse lui stesso un oscuro e nascosto componente del collettivo. Sono molti i contributi di altrettanti amici musicisti che han voluto lasciare un segno su questo singolare progetto-tributo.
(Music Map, April 2023)