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VARIOUS ARTISTS Danza De La Muerte / R. I. P. Syntactic

2CD album | gg50
A two CD set celebrating 10 years of work for Syntactic and Klanggalerie.Features most of our artists collaborating with each other, remixes of early Syntactic tracks, unreleased material, a couple of out of print singles and lots and lots of information. The final track list reads as follows: Legion - Tunnelvision (Full Version) / Muslimgauze vs Ah Cama-Sotz: Untitled 3 / Thought Universe - Swing Ting / Ted Milton vs Omenya - Postcard (Dub Mix) / Scanner - Underwater (Pari Passu Mix) / Susanne Brokesch vs Vromb - Untitled /Asmus Tietchens vs Gal - P.I.G. 5 (C.S.A.G.) / Pacific 231 vs Der Blutharsch - Heuristic Occlusions (Armoured Assault/Vino Nobile Mix) / Binary vs Hypercube - Untitled / Rapoon vs Xingu Hill - Fallen Gods / Statik vs Play The Tracks Of - Statik Ecstatic (It´s the music) / Novy Svet - Opio II / Pablo`s Eyes vs Monohm - They Had No Alternative But To Destroy Her / Black Faction vs The Haters - Polywelle Tykit / (SIC) - Lonparee / Lecanoscope - Aurafold Gate / Konstruktivist vs Das Fax Mattinger - Sweet Sex Subliminal / Nadya - Instant Pleasure / Fred Bigot - Mono / Nocturnal Emissions vs Vidna Obmana - Zeneca / Werner Moebius vs Roedelius - Techno Attraction / Fennesz produced by Intens - 5 / The Altai Chamber Orchestra feat. Aube vs Rapoon - Sound / Vivenza - Mecanismes Et Industries Part 2 / Aube - The Silent Light (New Version). A who´s who of the electronic and avant garde music scene.