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OMENYA The Esoteric Perversions

album | gg51
When we received the Omenya demo, we had no idea that this was going to be the best music we had heard in years! It is the project of 38 year old Mark Davies, American multi-media artist and ritual/noise musician heavily influenced by early Zoviet France and later Rapoon. His music also reflects his interest in the esoteric ceremonies of various world religions. Omenya is more than another Zoviet France copy, it is a most outstanding work that needs no comparison at all!Latest news: Omenya are currently working on a collaborative album with Rapoon! "The Esoteric Perversions" contains a sample of Mathias Grassow.

The diverse music of Mark Davis describes serene places with liquid beats and shimmering sounds. Intelligent music producing lasting aural pleasure."
(Robin Storey, Rapoon)