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ANDREW LILES Mother Goose's Melody

CD album | gg91
Almost a "concept album" by UK composer Andrew Liles featuring the voice of Lord Bath and the musical talent of Sion Orgon of Thighpaulsandra's band. If you want to compare Liles´ music, think of Colin Potter, Steve Stapleton or Jonathan Coleclough. Liles might be the last alchemist in electronic music who manages to provoke an eerie atmosphere alongside a lot of dark humour.

Liles' familiarity with the ignored is more evident than ever on this release. A interest in ventriloquism, animal surgery or testing, plant life, and prosthetics all make their way into the song titles. More often than not, the titles add a dimension of strangeness to the already odd compositions and revel in the unusual synthesis generated. (...) His compositions reflect eras, places, ideas, and nightmares more keenly than on any of his other releases. Perhaps it is the topic of this album that has made that possible; the deeply ingrained memories of childhood mixing with Liles' love for the absurd, the repulsive, and the unexplainable might be more inspirational than any historical, theoretical, or geographic origin that Liles' has played with before."
(...) On Mother Goose our favourite Jeremy Clarkson lookalike has totally exceeded my expectations. This one is definitel)