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What could be a better title for our follow-up to Roedelius' "Evermore" than "Neverless"? Two avantgarde heroes have teamed up for a unique collaboration that was started by Hans-Joachim Roedelius in Austria and then processed by Morgan Fisher in Japan. Ambient soundscapes with an Asian touch, meditative, repetitive and very seductive. The masterminds behind Cluster and Mott The Hoople united for the first time.

'How about a collaboration between a former member of Cluster, and the keyboard player for Mott the Hoople? Strange you might think, but Achim's patented cerebral synthetic tapestries are complimented to perfection here by Fisher's delicate melodies and spatial treatments. There are layers of wafting classical overtones, spatial tone colors, and layers of shape shifting undulations, all of which melt together forming a magical soundscape of dynamic, warmly meditative electronics, which create a series of vivid, aural movies for the mind & body.'
(Eurock, November 2005)