Over the past eight years we have organised many live shows in Austria.

From England: Current 93, Lagowski, S.E.T.I., Main, Ted Milton, Rapoon, Konstruktivists, Hafler Trio, Scanner, Momus, Binary, Legion, Nocturnal Emissions and Zoviet France.

From America: Illusion Of Safety, Jim O'Rourke and Jeff Greinke.

From Russia: The Altai Chamber Orchestra.

From Czech Republic: Suicidal Meditations.

From Austria: Ernest Meyer, Frenk Lebel,
Werner Möbius, Das Fax Mattinger.

From France: Gilles Weinzaepflen.

From Japan: CCCC, Hijohkaidan, Contagious Orgasm, Thirdorgan and Aube.


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