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One week to go and we will have the live presentation of the beautiful album Smaller Sad by Susanna Gartmayer and Christof Kurzmann in Vienna. Join us if you are around. Also performing on the night will be Joke Lanz (Sudden Infant) and dieb13. Three days later, our event promoting agency Liccht will host an evening of dark electronics with Antechamber, latest side project of Codex Empire, and Asfast. Our new releases are doing well, get yourself a copy of Smaller Sad and also the remastered reissue of Blaine L. Reininger's brilliant album Songs from the Rain Palace. Next to come is the debut album by UK DIY pioneers Storm Bugs and then Andrea Centazzo with Elisabeth Harnik collaborating on Duophonic Landscape. The recently released collection of previously web-only releases by The Residents, Eyeful, is already out of print at source. This doesn't mean you can't find it through your preferred distributors, it's only gone here at the Klang HQ. Stay safe everyone.


What a weekend - we have two new CDs in stock: the first is the long overdue re-issue of Blaine L. Reininger's beautiful album Songs from the Rain Palace. The remastered CD comes with 5 added bonus tracks, three of them previously unreleased and two from out of print releases. The second is the stunning first collaboration between Austrian musicians Susanna Gartmayer (bass clarinet) and Christof Kurzmann on electronics and voice. Check out the release page for more information. We have successfully promoted two outstanding live shows in Vienna, the first the live premiere of Etant Donnes in Austria, the second the first solo show by Blaine L. Reininger with band since 1988. Thanks to all the artists who fought the corona limitations to make it here! Out next will be the re-issue of the first ever album by British DIY legend Storm Bugs. Check out our live show pics in the gallery section and stay safe everyone.


Our first release for September is here - the first ever collaboration between Scottish composer Michael Begg and Hans Joachim Roedelius, Krautrock legend of Cluster and Harmonia fame. More details in the catalogue page. Stock in The Residents' Eyeful album is getting extremely low, it will be sold out within the next couple of days. Also, Seventh Soviet Symphony by Konstruktivists is very low on stock, selling very fast and nearly all gone. For both place an order soon if you want to make sure to get hold of a copy. More interesting items coming later this month: the Storm Bugs' first album for the first time ever on CD, Blaine L. Reininger's album Songs from the Rain Palace which has been out of print for a long time, and Susanna Gartmayer & Christof Kurzmann's debut collaboration album. Looking forward to hearing form you, stay safe everyone.