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So...... one year after KLANG 25 there's already KLANG 50? And didn't I say I wouldn't do another festival? Well...... fact is I turn 50 this year and what better way to celebrate than with a little festival. KLANG 50 will be a smaller, more private event than KLANG 25 but you are all most welcome to join us! We have 5 live acts and tickets are just € 25 for the whole event!

25 October 2019
Leichenfelder Straße 23
1080 Wien

Write to us for tickets:

Denis Frajerman (F)

Started as composer in the French experimental Band PALO ALTO. With a strong interest in literature and orality as a musician, he collaborates regularly with storytellers and writers for radio sessions, oratorios, or records. Strongly linked to the work of Antoine Volodine, his first solo album, Les Suites Volodine (Noise Musem/Naïve, 1999), was directly influenced by his writings. They both share a taste for haunting atmospheres, black humor, witchcraft. Volodine and Frajerman also worked on creations, Des Anges Mineurs, post-exotic oratorio composed for six musicians, singer, narrator, dancer and videographer (La Cigale, 2000), and Vociférations, cantopera for eleven musicians, ordered by the Radiophonic Creation Workshops of France Culture (2004). The broadcasting on Radio France of this last work was followed by a residency at the Lieu Unique, National Theatre of Nantes for the concert version. Composer of soundtracks for contemporary dance, object theater, animation, short films, documentaries, he has developed in recent years as a guitarist an approach to this instrument influenced by folk music from Greece and rural blues of the southern United States.

JEAN-JACQUES BIRGÉ of Un Drame Musical Instantané &
Didi Bruckmayr (Fuckhead, Wipeout) / (F/A)

Jean-Jacques Birgé is an independent French musician and filmmaker, at once music composer (co-founder of Un Drame Musical Instantané with which he records about 30 albums, as well as for movies, theater, dance, radio), film director (La nuit du phoque, Sarajevo a Street Under Siege, The Sniper), multimedia author (Carton, Machiavel, Alphabet), sound designer (exhibitions, CD-Roms, websites, Nabaztag, etc.), founder of the record label GRRR. Specialist of the relations between sound and pictures, he has been one of the early synthesizer players and home studio creators in France in 1973, and with UDMI the initiator of the return of silent movies with live orchestra in 1976. Since 1995, he has become a sound designer in all multimedia areas and interactive composition. Didi is an Upper Austrian singer, musician, actor and performer who works with groups like Wipeout, Fuckhead or Dr. Didi. This will be the first time these two musicians work together. An exciting time guaranteed!


Job Karma is a post-industrial-ambient band from Wrocław, Poland. It was founded in 1998 by Maciej Frett and Aureliusz Pisarzewski. Performances of the group have the form of audiovisual art. Visuals are done by Arkadiusz Bagiński – an artist dealing with drawings, performances and visual arts. Job Karma use sound generators and electric analogue-digital instruments, the band also fits trance rhythms, ambient textures, samples, fragments of movie dialogues and archival radio transmissions into it. Thematically Job Karma's compositions are focused on negative aspects and dangers of modern civilization, addressing social, political and religious issues.


Andrew Liles is a sound artist and multi-instrumentalist. He has a vast output of recordings that he has released since the mid-1980s, covering a variety of styles as experimental music, dark ambient music, progressive rock and even hints at hard rock. Along with his solo work he has worked with many international artists including Bass Communion, The Hafler Trio, Faust, Nurse With Wound, Current 93, Tony Wakeford, Danielle Dax, Rose McDowall and Edward Ka-spel. Brian Poole is one half of Renaldo and the Loaf, an eccentric English musical duo who were most active in the late 1970s and most of the 1980s. RATL consists of David Janssen (aka as “Ted the Loaf”) and Brain (aka “Renaldo Malpractice”, most often simply “Renaldo M”). They were “discovered” by The Residents when Brian dropped off a tape at their Ralph Records headquarters in San Francisco during a visit to the U.S.

SECTION 25 Industrial Unit.

A brand new incarnation by the band, less pop & rock, more experimental and avantgarde!

Section 25 are an English post-punk and electronic band, best known for the single "Looking From A Hilltop", with two different music videos, and their association with iconic Manchester record label Factory Records. Section 25 formed in Poulton-le-Fylde near Blackpool, Lancashire in November 1977. Their debut 7", "Girls Don't Count", was released in July 1980 on Factory Records, produced by Ian Curtis and Rob Gretton of Joy Division. On 27 February 2010, it was announced that founding member, singer, and bass player for the group, Larry Cassidy, had died at the age of 56. The band opted to continue to perform with a new, still family based line-up. For this special event, SXXV will consist of Vincent Cassidy and Steven Stringer.

Join us for this unique one-day event. Tickets are € 25 available from

See you there!