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Through Purple Tin
Through Orange Zinc


CD album | gg446
Michael Fischer is an Austrian musician, composer and instant composition conductor. He works on the immanence of language within sounds, their sculptural and dramatic evidence, on the tenor saxophone, the violin, on cd-player setting and conducted instant compositions, in improvised and experimental music. Since 1999 he connects the electro-acoustic phenomenon feedback with acoustic instrumentation by creating and playing the feedback saxophone. He also collaborations with literary writers, dance productions, performance, installation and video. Fischer also launched the Vienna Improvisers Orchestra in 2004. Valentin Duit is the drummer of various ensembles, among them for example Dsilton, Robert Unterköfler Quintett, Coastline Paradox, Duit & Gadermaier, Gnigler/Duit. In 2018 he released his first solo drum set record Mashevene. He has been performing as a duo with Michael Fischer for quite some time and two of their most recent concerts in Vienna were recorded for this, their debut duo CD. Its free jazz with an electronic and noisy touch. Unique! Full tracklist: 1. Through Turquoise Gold 2. Through Purple Tin 3. Through Light Blue Iron 4. Through Orange Zinc 5. Through Green Chrome 6. Through Yellow Copper 7. Through Ruby Silver. Price: € 19,-/copy incl. worldwide shipping.

Reflection And Passage is an often bluntly hissing and crudely baying take on the free jazz form from this Austrian two-piece. It utilizes amplified tenor sax & voice from Michael Fisher, and Valentin Duit on percussion/ drums. (...) As it moves on more hiss and brush edges are added, as well as moments of muffled/waving male voice chanting- which feels very primal, and slightly blues-tinged.
(Musique Machine, February 2024)