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We are happy to announce that The Clear Observatory - Eyepiece Musique, the new album by Italian sound designer Massimo Toniutti is now in stock. Details in the catalogue section of our website. Also brand new is Abundant Shores, the second album by Austrian jazz supergroup Anthropods, consisting of Mark Holub, Clemens Sainitzer, Irene Kepl, Susanna Gartmayer and Jakob Gnigler. The albun will be presented live at Rhiz, Vienna, this Sunday 7 April at 20.00 hrs. Also playing will be Beyond the Beat, two thirds of the wonderful Other:M:Other. From Saturday 13 April to Sunday 21st April the Klanggalerie office will be closed as we will be lying under palm trees in the sunshine. After our return, we will have the third April item ready - Frank Gratkowskis new project Entrainment with their debut album. May will bring three more releases: Michael Fischers solo feedback saxophone, Mozo Mozos Debut Maschine (Austrian jazz/rock madness) and The fifth installment in our Etant Donnes re-issue series.


We are happy to announce the release of Blaine L. Reininger's new album Ghost Festival today. Blaine was of course a founding member of legendary, and maybe one of the best music groups ever, Tuxedomoon. Ghost Festival shows both of Blaine's musical personas, the excellent writer of pop songs, and the composer of modern minimalist classic tunes. More info in the catalogue! Also totally fresh is the album The Pelican by short-lived US jazz group Halcyon Daze. Recorded in 2015 and never before published, we are happy to finally release this album to the world. Think Lounge Lizards for comparison. Coming next will be the second album by Austrian/US jazz supergroup Anthropds, led by Mark Hiolub, and featuring some of the best players of improv jazz in Austria. The album will also be presented live on its release date April 7th at Rhiz, Vienna. Join us if you are around. After this, there will be the new album by Italian sound artist Massimo Toniutti and Frank Gratkowski's new band Entrainment.


We are happy to announce the release of a wonderful album - Halcyon Daze was a band that existed for a short period in time recording one album. This great recordings was never released until now. If you like jazz with a punk and rock edge to it, you will love this - think Blurt, think Lounge Lizards. More info in the catalogue. Coming soon will also be the all-new album by Tuxedomoon co-founder Blaine L. Reininger. Ghost Festival shows both of Blaine's strengths - a brilliant songwriter as well as a unique composer of minimal and avantgarde music. April will have three new items: a new group by sax player and composer Frank Gratkowski, the second album by Anthropods, an ensemble with unusual instrumentation, led by Led Bib founder Mark Holub and The Clear Observatory, the new masterpiece of sound art by Italian maestro Massimo Toniutti. Still fresh and selling fast: the two disc edition of Snakefinger's seminal album Chewing Hides The Sound and Traumstadt 2, the re-issue of a very early tape by Legendary Pink Dots.Stock on Alieno de Bootes' Unconventional Residents volumes 2 and 3 is rather low. Grab a copy soon if you don't want to miss out.